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SimpleMind VR is a virtual reality company dedicated to building immersive simulators for location-based entertainment venues.

Our Simulator

VR Hang Gliding Simulator

Simple Mind VR has partnered with 5D Realities Glider Island virtual reality game to bring a unique flying experience to arcades and entertainment venues across the world. Our custom built, aluminum alloy apparatus is the first on the market and allows customers to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world of hang gliding.

Virtual Reality Hang Gliding Simulator


Virtual Reality Hang Gliding Simulator

Resilient, Lightwight Aluminum Frame

Our aluminum alloy frame can withstand over 2,000 pounds of weight—ensuring safe use for all users.

Virtual Reality Hang Gliding Simulator

Simple Setup, Elegant Design

Our precision-machined brackets are designed to ensure a stable flying experience reinforced with easy-to-use bolts for quick assembly.

Heavy Duty Bodyboard

Our bodyboard has a heavy duty aluminum frame underneath to hold any type of wight thrown at it. Also the tail of the body allows for people to easy board the simulator as they don’t have to put their legs between the straps.

Automated Fan for Wind Effects

We have worked closely with 5D Realites to get a fan automated to work with Glider Island. The wind starts blowing as soon as you takeoff!

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The SimpleMind VR Hang Gliding Simulator is expected to ship summer 2019, with orders being eccepted now. Please complete the form below and we will contact you regarding pricing options.

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